There’s no denying that cable internet has changed the way most people work and play. Whether you’re video conferencing with coworkers from home or streaming a new movie, you need a connection that’s both fast and steady. Otherwise, you’re dealing with grainy images, choppy audio, and constant buffering. Unfortunately, this is a reality for many. With the increasing reliance on internet-based services, you may need faster speeds than you initially signed up for on your contract. Here’s a closer look.

Cable Internet Basics

The internet operates by transferring a variety of data; the rate at which this is measured is called megabits per second, or Mbps. The higher the number, the more quickly data can be transferred. There are two components to this: the rate data is received, which is the download rate, and the rate data is sent, which is the upload rate. 

cable internetFor most residential customers, the download rate should be the primary focus. It covers the most common types of activity, such as checking emails, streaming media, and most video chats. When people talk about internet speed, it’s usually the download rate. However, if you or someone in your household posts long high-definition videos for work or as a hobby, you may want to inquire about the upload speed as well.

Average Download Rates

To determine whether your cable internet is fast enough, you need to consider the number of devices and the types of activity. For example, If you live alone and don’t do much besides browsing social media and streaming movies or television shows, you usually don’t need more than 10 Mbps. You could probably even get away 5 Mbps if you aren’t binge-watching full seasons of a TV show on the weekends.

However, in households of two or more people who use the internet regularly through multiple devices, you’ll need a boost. A speed somewhere between 10 and 40 Mbps will usually suffice. While this may seem like a broad range, again, it’s crucial to account for the activity. Thus, if someone in the house loves to play online multiplayer games, aim for the higher end of the spectrum. 


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