Working from home gives you more time to focus on your tasks, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. Understanding how to monitor your Wi-Fi speeds and programming a few standard settings can help you avoid any slowdowns or lost files. Whether you’re new to working from home or an experienced freelancer, utilize the following three computer tips to allocate your workday.

How to Optimize Computer Time When Remote Working

1. Choose the Right Setup

While it may seem simple, ensuring you have the right setup for your workstation can make it easier to complete your tasks. If your work involves multiple files, windows, photos, or editing, consider utilizing a second screen to make it easier to see all your projects at once.

For the fastest Wi-Fi connection, make sure your router is centrally located in your home to ease communication with all your devices. If your home office is far away from your internet equipment, consider connecting Wi-Fi extenders to your network to expand the signal.

2. Avoid Programs That Cause Lagging

Programs that download and upload content, such as video or music apps, can monopolize your internet connection, causing a slowdown when you’re trying to do work. During your working hours, shut these programs off and check to ensure they aren’t running in the background to free up your Wi-Fi connection.

Wi-FiDon’t forget to close websites or other programs that run video ads, which can also cause lag. If you stream a lot of music to get you through the workday, consider upgrading your home’s internet speed to cover the extra bandwidth being used.

3. Set Tabs to Open When Starting Up

If you visit the same pages or sites frequently to complete work, remember to place these in the bookmark bar of the internet browser. Another way to save time is to program the browser to automatically open up these particular tabs when the computer starts up. This setting is available in most internet browsers in the general or settings tab.


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