With more people working from home than ever, business owners and managers are looking for ways to run their teams from afar. While this presents some challenges, new technologies and easier accessibility to high-speed Wi-Fi make it possible to stay fully connected with your workforce. From upgrading your voice and phone services to staying connected, going remote is as simple as following these tips.

How to Supervise Employees Who Work From Home

1. Equip Staff With the Right Tools

Not everyone’s home office is created equally, so make arrangements to give them the technology and collaborative tools they need to succeed. Onboard employees by installing the necessary software and hardware, including the capability for internet access.

If you have the budget, you can even provide your workforce with their own mobile devices, laptops, or cameras for effective communication. If possible, provide write-off expenses for high-speed internet to encourage employees to select this option for their home.

2. Communicate Regularly

Having an effective communication plan will keep your employees engaged and included in the organization. Services like Zoom, Slack, and Google Hangouts make it easier to have daily check-ins and one-on-ones, share feedback, and brainstorm in real time. Whether you have a set agenda to discuss or simply want to connect with your staff for a virtual coffee break, consistent communication is valuable.

3. Utilize Cloud-Based Technology

phone serviceUsing a cloud-based voice and phone service is another method to keep employees engaged from their home offices. Centralizing data allows your team to access integral documents and correspondence from devices with an internet connection. Cloud-based providers are also equipped with helpful tools like remote monitoring, desktop management, and real-time analytics.

4. Manage Your Expectations

While there’s no commute for employees working from home, you shouldn’t expect your team to put in extra time. It’s also wise to accommodate a settling-in period for staff members who aren’t accustomed to remote work.

Be straightforward with set working hours, communication protocols, and project turnaround times. This gives your workforce a clear outlook on what’s expected and how they should best manage their time.


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