Home Wi-Fi is essential for entertainment, communication, and education. However, many parents worry that their children are spending too much time in front of digital screens. Striking a good balance ensures your kids remain engaged with the world around them while also keeping screen time manageable. Here are some key points to keep in mind when it comes to your kids and their phones, tablets, and TVs. 

How Limits Vary Based on a Child's Age

The amount of time your child spends in front of a digital screen will evolve as they age. Babies and toddlers should have limited exposure and be accompanied by a parent while video chatting or watching high-quality content, such as educational videos. Kids aged 2 to 5 should also consume educational media with adults, but their screen time should be limited to no more than an hour per day. 

By age 5, kids can be given a little more freedom when it comes to the types of media they consume. However, parents should set healthy limits. Screen time shouldn't get in the way of homework or activities. Children should also be encouraged to spend time playing outside and engage in more analog activities, such as reading and crafts, indoors.

How to Ensure Screen Time Is Productive


Along with abiding by age limitations, parents can implement other rules. Certain times and areas should be designated as screen-free. This includes the dinner table and kids' bedrooms, as looking at smartphones or tablets before bed can impact sleep quality. You can make one hour per evening family time and enjoy an activity together that doesn't involve watching TV or being absorbed in handheld devices.

Parents should also consider the example they're setting. If you're constantly staring at your smartphone, it will be harder to instill important lessons in your kids. 

You should also talk to children about the media they consume. Ask them how certain situations make them feel or how they would react. You can also point out problematic behavior in videos and social media posts and explain why it's better to find alternatives. Using media consumption as a jumping-off point to discuss life lessons will have a great impact on your child and their development. 


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