A commercial flyer is a common product made by printing services. These leaflets are circulated to advertise an event, commodity, or service, and they're often handed out on the street or hung on neighborhood windows. They're affordable, yet they're also effective at creating brand or product awareness. The following guide offers answers to some common questions about flyers.

A Guide to Flyers

What information should they contain?

Flyers are usually a single page or less, so they don't offer a lot of room. The paper should answer questions a customer is likely to ask. Describe your product or service and explain how it would benefit your audience. Include the address where someone can find it and how much it costs. If you're advertising an event, add its time and date. If you're promoting a sale, mention the specific discount and how long it's running.

How should you distribute them?

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Typical distribution methods for flyers include the following:

  • Handing them out on the street
  • Hanging them in store windows, on lampposts, and on bulletin boards
  • Placing them in community centers or reception areas

You can choose one or all of these methods, although a combination of the three produces the best results.

How should you lay it out?

Include your logo to promote brand awareness, and use bold colors to draw attention. If you have a lot of information to display, consider double-sided printing to keep the layout tidy and professional. Use bold headlines and a larger font for the most important details so that they attract consumers.

How big should your flyer be?

Choose a size large enough to display the right message without leaving too much or too little space. The right dimensions can determine whether your flyer will be effective or overwhelming. For example, if you want to display your address, logo, and contact information on the same side, select a larger paper highlighting each detail. A professional printing service can help you determine the correct sizing. 


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