Maintaining your septic tank is a must to protect your family and neighbors' health, avoid freshwater contamination, and keep it running smoothly. Homeowners in Robertsdale, AL, can count on Dugger's Pump & Well Repair for reliable septic tank maintenance services, but there are several steps you can take on your own to keep your system in good condition.

5 Simple DIY Septic Tank Maintenance Tricks

1. Learn To Conserve Water

septic tankThe septic tank needs some time to absorb the liquids and separate the solids that pass through. You can maintain its peak performance by following a water conservation plan. Fix leaky faucets, spread out laundry use, take shorter showers, and install water-saving devices such as low-flow toilets.

2. Reduce Solids

Be fully aware of what is going into the tank. Reduce solids that are non-biodegradable, as they can clog the tank and drain field. These include coffee grounds, disposable diapers, cat litter, cigarette butts, cooking fats, and extra-strength paper towels.

3. Don’t Use Excessive Chemicals

Excessive use of household chemicals (detergents, bleaches, paint, and drain cleaners) is discouraged. This may stop the bacteria from breaking down solids in the septic tank. Use normal amounts of these chemicals but allow time for your septic tank to recover.

4. Protect The External Part

Watching what goes into the septic tank is crucial, but you also need to monitor the area above and around where it is buried. Keep heavy things away from the tank, such as a parked car or shed, and don’t cover the drain field with concrete or brick. Landscaping is also discouraged as tree or plant roots can block drain holes.

5. Use Septic Bacteria Additives

While you can try to avoid flushing down harsh chemicals, this is sometimes unavoidable. To replenish the essential bacteria that may have been eliminated, it is necessary to use septic bacteria additives. These additives are also used to start off your septic ecosystem every time your tank gets pumped.

For more complex septic tank maintenance or pumping in southern Alabama, trust the experts at Dugger's Pump & Well Repair. Call (251) 947-7567 for a free estimate, or visit their website for more information.