When Mother Nature drops more than a few flakes of snow, it's vital that your business has a clean and safe parking lot. The professionals at Guarco Construction in Granby, CT, want to point out just how dangerous harsh weather conditions can be for your customers and employees, as well as highlight the advantages commercial snow removal offers for your business.

Here are few benefits of having snow removal completed by a professional:

  • Prevent Falls: A snow- and ice-covered parking lot increases the chance of someone falling. It also heightens the risk of falls within your business because everyone will be tracking water and sludge inside. When the bulk of the precipitation is removed with a plow, you prevent potential medical expenses, lawsuits, and high insurance rates.
  • snow removalAvoid Damages: Most vehicles aren't designed to take on slick surfaces, meaning cars can slip and slide in an untreated parking lot. If this occurs, your business runs the risk of being sued to cover the costs of vehicle damage. Your building could also be damaged if a vehicle can't get enough traction and runs into the store front.
  • Save Time: Even for the smallest parking lots, attempting to remove snow and ice own your own is a long, physically taxing task. Hiring a professional allows you to keep your focus on business.

Before the next round snow and ice, contact the snow removal experts at Guarco Construction. With nearly 50 years of experience, the Granby-based company gets the job done in a timely, efficient manner. Call them for a snow plowing estimate at (860) 278-5558, or visit their website to view all of their services.