Asphalt is the preferred outdoor surface for millions of home and business owners due to its durability. It’s designed to stand up to stress and wear, but the asphalt paving experts at Guarco Construction in Granby, CT, say this shouldn’t be taken for granted. Different seasonal effects can impact your asphalt surface over time, which is why you need to take preventative measures to protect it.


asphalt-pavingExtreme heat and freezing temperatures both put immense wear on asphalt, and when no defense is made, you’ll likely need new asphalt paving at the end of the summer or winter. Many people overlook the dangers of cold temperatures, as asphalt can seem invulnerable. However, water can easily break it down. Any water in the soil beneath the surface can freeze, and when water on top freezes, it can lead to cracking. Once this occurs, water will seep into the cracks and continue to break these areas down between subfreezing days. This is how potholes are formed.

Water also becomes a problem in warm temperatures. Extreme heat can dry out the surface and lead to cracking, which then allows water to seep in. Once inside the asphalt, it will wear down sub-surface layers. When weight is put on top of the asphalt, it will sag, resulting in an uneven surface and potholes. The best way to protect against temperature is to seal your asphalt every few years. You should also repair any cracks immediately so water can’t enter.


Rain and snow, aside from seeping into cracks, can also wear down asphalt. When allowed to sit too long, water will erode the liquid asphalt holding the surface together. The same process occurs if precipitation regularly runs down asphalt on steep surfaces. There aren’t many ways to combat precipitation, but you can fight back by sealing your asphalt surface as needed.

If you need sealing or asphalt paving services, turn to the professionals at Guarco Construction. They offer driveway resurfacing and provide snow removal services in the winter to protect your investment and keep your property looking pristine. Call (860) 278-5558 to speak with their friendly staff, and visit their website to learn more about their services.