Asphalt driveways can last for decades. Its specific lifespan depends on several factors, including the quality of the installation, the weather conditions in your area, how much maintenance is done over the years, and the amount of traffic it receives. To help you, Guarco Construction, a reputable pavement resurfacing company in Granby, CT, delves into the process of paving a driveway.

Pavement Resurfacing Experts on The 4 Steps of Driveway Paving

1. Excavation

You should never pave over damaged asphalt or concrete, as it will make your driveway weak and prone to cracking. Excavation prepares the area for paving as it removes the existing surface and clears debris and other unusable materials, such as loam and clay, which make the soil soft. Excavators, skid steers, and dump trucks are necessary for this procedure.

2. Grading

The base material underneath the asphalt serves as its foundation. Installing it at the proper pitch is key to ensuring that water will drain off the surface, protecting it from water damage. After evaluating the base, your contractor will determine the right amount of crushed stone to use, spread it using a skid steer, grade it using laser transits and specialized graders, and compact it using a twin drum roller.

3. Asphalt Laying

When the base is ready, a fresh batch of hot asphalt mix is laid flat on top of the surface using a paver. Pavement resurfacing contractors recommend a thickness of about two to three inches. This material is commonly composed of aggregates like stone, sand, and gravel, mixed with asphalt cement. For driveways, smaller aggregates are typically used to give it a smoother appearance.

4. Compacting

To finish the pavement resurfacingjob, a heavy roller will compact and smooth out the surface. This process ensures that the material is packed tight and that no small bumps or aggregates are sticking out. The edges will be hand tamped to form a 45-degree angle, providing more strength to support the weight of vehicles driving over it.

These essential steps will create a driveway that can stand the test of time. If you need residential or commercial paving, pavement resurfacing, driveway replacement, and snow removal, get in touch with Guarco Construction. This family-owned company has been addressing the construction, paving, and landscaping needs of their customers since 1974. Call them at (860) 278­-5558, or visit their website for more information.