An asphalt driveway provides a strong and dependable surface for vehicle and foot traffic, making your home more accessible and inviting. The surface requires some routine care, especially as the seasons change. Spring is an ideal time for asphalt paving installation, as well as for sealcoating, which is an important part of the maintenance process. Here are some reasons why spring is the best time of year for asphalt work.

Asphalt Installation

asphalt paving

During the installation process, asphalt needs to be kept at a high temperature, but not so high that it melts or doesn't set properly. The material is also harder to work with when the temperature is too cool, as there is a greater risk that the material will thicken or even harden before it is laid. 

Spring's moderate, comfortable temperatures allow asphalt paving installers to apply the material evenly over the desired area, which ensures a strong foundation and a smooth and uniform surface. The season's conditions also allow the asphalt to cure properly, an essential step for the material's longevity.


Sealcoating is a thin, liquid membrane applied to the top of asphalt, where it hardens and provides protection against moisture, oils, and ultraviolet light. It is a crucial step in ensuring the driveway lasts as long as it should and works best when it's applied at least once every three years.

As with the asphalt itself, sealcoat is easier to work with in warmer temperatures, but not so warm that it melts. Spring conditions help the coating set and cure properly for the strongest seal.

Taking care of this step in spring will address any moisture problems or stains that may have resulted from harsh winter weather and de-icing products. It will also help prepare your driveway for spring and summer rains. As an added benefit, your driveway will be sleek, smooth, and damage-free for the warmer season ahead, which increases curb appeal and adds value to your property.


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