What you sell inside your store and the quality of your staff aren’t the only factors that affect your business’s success. The area outside of your store—including your parking lot—can influence your sales. Using asphalt paving for the lot can benefit your business, as the material offers many advantages.

3 Benefits of Asphalt Paving for Businesses

1. Durability

Asphalt is popular due to its durability. The material has a life span of about 15 to 20 years. However, business owners who routinely resurface their pavement can extend it even more. As a result, you’ll reduce future expenses and losses by not having to replace your parking lot for many years.

2. Weather Resistance

asphalt pavingHarsh weather conditions can cause significant problems for some types of pavement, but asphalt is designed to avoid damage even when subjected to heavy rain and thunderstorms. Also, asphalt is more flexible than materials like concrete, so it won’t crack due to temperature-related expansion and contraction. This will ensure that the material won’t get damaged as a result of temperatures warming up during the spring, ensuring safer conditions for your customers.

3. Time- & Cost-Efficient

Installing a new parking lot will disrupt your normal business operations. However, choosing asphalt will limit the effect the paving process has on your customers; thanks to its short curing time, your parking area won’t be off-limits for long. Asphalt installation and repair costs are also lower than other materials because it is derived from crude oil. Recycled asphalt can further lower costs since it reuses pre-manufactured materials. 


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