More construction companies are turning to ready-mix concrete (RMC) for their projects because it benefits their business as well as their customers. The experts at Hilltop Basic Resources, a building materials supplier in Cincinnati, OH, say this concrete is created with a precise mixture for each construction project. They explain why using a ready-mix formulation has been the preferred concrete option since its inception in the 1930s.

5 Benefits of Using Ready-Mix Concrete

1. Avoid Wasted Material

Each batch of ready-mix concrete is prepared for the specific construction site. The ingredients are measured ahead of time with that job in mind, eliminating waste. This helps you save money since raw materials for concrete production can be costly.

2. Save on Labor

When you mix concrete on a job site, a lot of workers are needed to prepare the materials. When combined with the labor hours required for every casting, this creates a significant expense. When you choose ready-mix concrete, you’ll reduce your workforce costs.

3. Eliminate the Need for Storage

Ready-mix concrete Cincinnati OHWhen you purchase ready-mix concrete, you typically calculate the volume (cubic meters or cubic yards) required for your project ahead of time. The manufacturer delivers the RMC to the job site, where it is distributed. In many instances, this eliminates the need for material storage, which reduces the cost of the project.

4. Offer Greater Quality Assurance

It’s hard to control quality for concrete mixed on a job site. Different workers prepare it, and you must keep track of the water-to-cement ratio and grading of aggregates like sand, gravel, and crushed stone. Each batch of ready-mix concrete is monitored and maintained carefully.

5. Keep It Green

Since concrete comprises ingredients that are plentiful and have a lower impact on the environment than many other building materials, it is eco-friendly. It also can be reclaimed quickly and refurbished.  

When you need ready-mix concrete or other building materials for your construction project, contact Hilltop Basic Resources in Cincinnati, OH, for the best value and most efficient distribution in the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana tri-state area. Call (513) 684-8200 to discuss your job and visit their website to learn more about their products, including gravel and sand.