Constructing a beautiful, functional building requires choosing the right materials. If you’re a contractor looking to add decorative character to a structure, consider limestone. Below are a few reasons to opt for this high-quality construction material.

5 Reasons Limestone Is an Ideal Building Material

1. Versatility

Limestone is known for its elegant appearance and versatility. It can be used to build columns, fountains, and even fireplaces. If you’re working on a big project, it’s easier and less costly to use one material for several uses than order numerous types of building supplies.

2. Durability

Limestone-Cincinnati-OHYou don’t just want a building to look good — you also want it to last. Limestone boasts both characteristics. There are centuries-old buildings still standing tall because they were built primarily out of limestone. The pyramids of Giza and the Roman Colosseum, for example, feature this sturdy material.

3. Timelessness

Architecture is like any other form of design — it’s prone to shifting trends. What was in vogue a few decades ago could look out of place now. Limestone, however, is as beautiful today as it was 5,000 years ago. Constructing a building that looks impressive years after it’s built is easy when you choose materials that have a timeless quality.

4. Availability

Compared to many other rocks, limestone is highly abundant. That means it’s relatively inexpensive. Few materials give you the opportunity to construct an impressive building without spending a lot of money.

5. Low Maintenance Needs

Unless you’re using it as flooring — in which case you’ll want to protect it with a seal — limestone is easy to clean and maintain. This quality makes it appealing to clients who are short on free time or money.


These are just some of the reasons this material is ideal. If you need limestone for your project, get in touch with Hilltop Basic Resources, serving Greater Cincinnati as well as Butler, KY. They deliver quality construction materials, including concrete, asphalt, and brick, at a fair price. Learn more about their products online or call (513) 684-8200 today.