Your car depends on the electrical system to power a variety of features, including the air conditioner, radio, and door locks. Problems in the wiring, fouled spark plugs, or short circuits can cause a wide range of issues that can damage the battery or make it impossible to start your car. Here are a few signs you should have your electrical system checked by a technician.

How to Tell if There's a Problem With Your Vehicle's Electrical System

1. Engine Won’t Start

An engine refusing to turn over is a common electrical issue drivers experience. If the motor tries to start but won’t turn over, a damaged or worn-out starter is the most likely culprit. However, if nothing happens at all when you turn the key, or you just hear a clicking noise, the battery is probably dead or damaged.

2. Recurring Battery Problems

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Most car batteries last approximately five years, but a faulty alternator can cause even new ones to fail. As you drive your vehicle, the alternator uses power from the engine to recharge the battery, which drains rapidly after starting the motor.

Alternators typically last about seven years, after which they’ll need to be replaced. If your lights are dimming, your radio intermittently cuts out, or your battery won’t hold a charge, your alternator may need to be replaced.

3. Auxiliary Functions Don't Work

Your car has a small fuse box, much like the electrical service panel in your home. A power fluctuation can cause a fuse to blow, which will turn off power to a specific part of the car. For instance, your car may start and run perfectly, but the brake lights or radio may not work.

Replacing a single blown fuse is a fairly simple repair. However, you should have your electrical system checked for faulty motors, arc faults, or other issues that caused the blown fuse in the first place.


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