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About Allied Bonding Company

Don't Stay in Jail — Call us For Bail!

If a loved one has been arrested, you may not know where to turn for help. Allied Bonding Company in Lexington, NC, specializes in affordable bail bonds. As a fully licensed and insured bonding company, they know how to help your loved one get out of jail as quickly as possible.

Most families cannot afford to cover the cost of bail for a loved one — that’s where Allied Bonding Company comes in. Their qualified bail agents have been serving clients in the Piedmont Triad and surrounding areas for more than 15 years.

The staff at this locally-owned and -operated business is passionate about helping families when they need it most. You can be sure a bail bond agent from Allied Bonding Company will treat you with the respect and professionalism you deserve.

The main purpose of a bail bond is to ensure the defendant returns for trial after being released. Defendants who do not return forfeit their bond money, which is why the bail amount typically is set at a large sum. For a small fee, Allied Bonding Company will supply the bail your family needs so your loved one can return home, resume work, and call an attorney to start preparing for trial.

If you have a loved one stuck behind bars and cannot afford bail, turn to Allied Bonding Company, the best bail bond provider in the Piedmont Triad. Visit their website to learn more about their bail bond services. Call (336) 239-2270 to talk to a bail bond agent or send a message online.