The debate over topping pizza with pineapple is, to say the least, heated. Those in favor and opposed seem to form distinct camps, with neither side able to sway the other’s opinion. Domenico’s Restaurant & Catering in Levittown, New York, falls into the “pro pineapple” camp and offers it as an accompaniment to their mouthwatering pizzas. Here, they do their best to convince you of the merits of topping your pie with the tropical fruit. 

3 Reasons Pineapple Should Be on Pizza

1. It Provides a Sweet Balance to Savory Pizza

Pineapple chunks are sweet, tangy, and juicy. When placed atop a savory, salty pizza, the flavors combine in an exciting juxtaposition. If you’ve ever experience the joy of a sweet and salty snack, you’ll love this match made in heaven.

2. It’s Satisfying

PizzaWhen your taste buds detect sweetness, they tell your body it’s full. So if you’re trying to curb your appetite, adding the fruit to your slice has a practical benefit. It may actually keep you from overeating, helping you with your health goals.

3. It’s Nutritious

The tropical fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C. It also contains a significant amount of vitamin B-6. It’s high in dietary fiber and low in fat and sodium. So if you’re looking for a way to enjoy your meal guilt free, add some pineapple.

If you haven’t tried pineapple on your pizza yet, now’s the time. Not convinced? Don’t let it stop you from making a trip to Domenico’s Restaurant & Catering in Levittown, New York. No matter what kinds of toppings you love, the Italian restaurant has you covered. Their menu features a wide assortment of appetizers, salads, pizzas, calzones, and pasta dishes. Host your next party at the restaurant, have them cater your event, or simply enjoy a meal. To book your reservations, call (516) 735-5535, or visit them online to view their menu.