Septic systems are convenient for properties that cannot connect to a municipal system to manage waste. With proper maintenance, they can last decades without requiring major repairs. If you’re new to owning a septic system or have recently had one installed on your property, avoiding the following mistakes can help you make the most of this necessary system. 

Avoid These Mistakes if You Have a Septic System

1. Flushing Extra Items

Septic tanks have a finite amount of space for solid waste. They can go a few years between pumping because the bacteria in these tanks easily break down human waste and toilet paper. However, they cannot break down other items like hygiene products or baby wipes, so these things remain solid in the tank, taking up extra room and potentially leading to clogs and backups. 

2. Overusing Appliances

septic system

It takes time for water and waste to run through a septic system. If you run your laundry, bath, sink, and dishwasher simultaneously, that puts a lot of water in your tank at once, which may lead to overflowing or slow drains. Spreading out your water usage gives the system time to filter water and waste fully.

3. Parking on the Drain Field 

Once the water runs through the tank, it is filtered into the pipes of your drain field. If you park vehicles or place heavy equipment over this area, the soil gets compacted, leaving less room for water to absorb. The water may then puddle above the ground or back up into the tank. 

4. Relying on a Garbage Disposal

Septic systems require a delicate balance of bacteria to break down waste. When you put grease, oil, or chemicals down the drain, they can kill bacteria or coat waste, making it more difficult to break down. Avoid issues by throwing kitchen waste in the trash instead; just use the disposal for small bits left behind on your dishes.


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