Whether you operate a non-profit or work in the health care industry, if you have a business where a lot of your staff is working remotely, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system is a wise investment. A VoIP phone system operates via the internet instead of traditional landlines. However, if you've never implemented one at your business before, here are some questions you might have.

A Guide to VoIP Phone Systems

What equipment do I need?

To set up a VoIP system, you'll need a sufficient internet connection and a VoIP-ready phone. This could be a handset or headset that's programmed to send and receive VoIP calls, or if you have the right software installed, it can be one that links to a computer. VoIP apps are also available, which allows users to access it from their smartphones. 

Can I keep my phone number?

VOIP Phone System

Luckily, your VoIP provider can link the number to the system. Your current provider will need to release your phone, however. Not only can you keep your phone number, but you can easily add more numbers without having to install anything on the system. All it requires is a few configurations, and you can add more numbers for departments and your employees. This is particularly useful for those who will predominantly be telecommuting. 

What are some major benefits of VoIP systems?

A VoIP system allows you to set up a wide variety of features that were previously either complicated to install or expensive. This includes auto attendants, conference calling, and long-distance calling. A VoIP system also allows for multimedia messaging, so people can send texts or images to others easily within the network. 

How fast does my internet need to be?

While most business internet plans will suffice for a VoIP system, if you have multiple locations throughout the region or are adding many numbers, you may need to upgrade. However, every business is different, and it would depend on whether you rely on cloud-based programs or have a large staff.


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