Driveshafts are a crucial component of your vehicle, delivering power from the engine all the way back to the rear wheels. Because they're so reliable, this seemingly simple part is easy to ignore, but a sudden failure can be disastrous, especially if you're traveling at highway speeds. Keep an eye out for the following symptoms and visit a drivetrain repair specialist as soon as they appear to avoid dangerous accidents and improve your vehicle’s handling.

4 Common Signs of a Bad Driveshaft

1. Intense Vibrations

Driveshafts are carefully balanced to prevent vibrations, so any shaking at all should be considered a serious problem. Vibrations coming from under your vehicle usually indicate the U-joint holding in the driveshaft or bushings are failing. If not fixed right away, this could cause your driveshaft to fall out.

2. Unusual Sounds

driveshaft repairWhen the U-joints that support the driveshaft are going bad, the imbalance can cause clunking, scraping, or abnormal rattling noises, even when the car is idling. These sounds usually mean your driveshaft is not rotating properly.

3. Leaking Transmission Fluid

The shaking and vibration of a failing driveshaft will eventually cause damage to other parts of your vehicle, including the transmission. A driveshaft with too much freedom of movement commonly causes fluid leaking from the rear of the transmission.

4. No Movement

A failed driveshaft is usually difficult to miss. Your vehicle will likely jerk to a stop or quit moving under its own power, and you may feel the driveshaft dragging along the asphalt. If this happens, have your vehicle towed to a drivetrain repair shop immediately.


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