Sump pumps have become a common fixture in most homes. They are vital components for transporting water surplus out of the basement and preventing moisture damage. While you might take these products for granted, there was a time when they didn’t even exist. How did it become such a must-have mechanism for homeowners across the nation?

In 1946, Karl Neidermeyer completed his duties with the U.S. Navy and returned home to work in his father’s motor shop. During his time out at sea, Neidermeyer was selected to work on floating dry docks and used big pumps to pull ships from the water. It was a successful method and increased his interest in various pumping systems.

sump pumpAs he was helping his father, Neidermeyer realized what a difference these mechanisms could make in removing groundwater from residential and commercial properties. He also recognized many flooding issues were a result of power failure and decided to come up with a viable solution. This is when the battery backup sump pump system had its start.

Over time, these devices became more and more efficient. An assortment of sizes were created to handle various property needs, and different technologies were implemented to construct a responsive unit that will automatically turn on once the water has reached a certain level. It eventually became mandatory in some states to have a sump pump installed in the basement of every home.


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