Just like the rest of your property, asphalt driveways, parking lots, and roads need to be maintained. Sometimes it’s necessary to find a professional who can help with sealing asphalt, which is the process of applying a protective coating to driving surfaces that will keep the worst of the weather from harming them. This saves property owners money in the long run by reducing the need for repairs, especially in areas with severe winters and generally harsh weather.

Parking Lot Issues Which Sealing Asphalt Prevents 

1. Bad Drainage

Standing water is one of the most destructive forces for any asphalt surface. It may look like just a puddle, but the water will actually seep down and cause structural damage. This is especially dangerous during winters in cold climates. The water will freeze and expand, leaving cracks. If you’ve noticed any puddles, speak with a contractor immediately about fixing drainage issues and resealing the asphalt.

2. Spreading Cracks

sealing asphaltVisual signs of damage like cracks and buckling mean that damage has already begun. It’s not too late to stop it from getting worse, however. A few cracks in old asphalt are inevitable, but at the first sign that one is spreading and widening, take immediate steps, including sealing, to prevent this. Otherwise, you could end up with a situation that requires much more expensive repairs.

3. Potholes

As well as being eyesores, potholes can be dangerous to vehicles. They can result if cracks are not dealt with adequately. The pothole will continue to widen until you perform repairs and take the appropriate steps to prevent the process from continuing or restarting anywhere else.

4. Crumbling Edges

On roads and parking lots with no curbsides, the edges are the most vulnerable part. This is because there’s nothing to stop the weather and other destructive forces from gnawing away at the asphalt, eroding it and creating rubble in the process. Sealing will create a buffer against this harsh treatment, maintaining the appearance and strength of the surface.

5. Stained Surfaces

As cars and trucks constantly drive over asphalt, they cause damage both with their weight and with the chemicals and fluids they leave behind. Over time, these dissolve the binding agents in asphalt, weakening the whole surface in addition to leaving unattractive stains. Sealing will help solve this problem by protecting the asphalt from direct contact with the chemicals.


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