If you have a smaller kitchen but want the look of a large, airy space, you can still make your vision come to life. Even better, you don’t have to invest in a full-scale addition. Instead, follow these simple home renovating strategies to transform your closed-in room into a breezy, open area.

How to Make a Small Kitchen Space Appear Bigger

1. Choose Patterned Flooring

If you’re planning a home renovating project that includes new kitchen flooring, choose your style with care. Strategically placed lines can draw the eye into the room, effectively broadening the space. Luxury vinyl, laminate, and tile flooring with long lines should be installed so they run horizontally from the entrance for the best results.

2. Select White Tones

White reflects light and can make even small spaces appear bright and open. For this reason, choose light color schemes for your kitchen, including white cabinets and countertops in complementing hues, such as pale grey or tan.

3. Illuminate Your Space

home renovatingIf your kitchen only has small windows and doesn’t get much natural light, fake it with artificial lighting. One simple home renovating tip is to have lights installed beneath your cabinets, which will illuminate dark areas and expand the space.

4. Leverage Vertical Space

It’s easy for smaller kitchens to become cluttered, but you can make use of your vertical space with well-thought-out storage. Consider open shelving for dishware, and hang hooks for pots and pans. Also, use magnetic strips for kitchen knives to avoid having a butcher block on the counter.

5. Opt for Narrow Furnishings

When it comes to center islands, tables, and seating, less is more in confined spaces. Look for tall, narrow features instead of wider pieces to make your kitchen appear larger and make the room easier to navigate.


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