A tree smashing through your roof during a severe storm is far from the only roofing emergency you might encounter. Most often, homeowners discover that they need roof leak repair in the middle of a rainstorm when water stains start forming on the ceiling or visible drips occur. Even a few missing shingles can result in a big enough leak to qualify as an emergency. Responding appropriately will protect your home from further water damage.

3 Steps for Responding to Emergency Roof Leak Repairs

1. Call a Professional Roofer

roof leak repair

While it can be easy to identify that water is leaking through the ceiling, pinpointing the source isn’t always as simple. Loose shingles or flashing can allow water to penetrate the roof, even if they haven’t been completely displaced. Additionally, there is a risk of slipping and falling if you go up on the roof without proper safety equipment. Hire a roofer for an inspection—they can find the source of the leak and repair it while staying safe.

2. Cover the Damaged Area

If you can't get repairs scheduled right away, such as when a severe storm causes widespread damage in your neighborhood, cover the affected area with a plastic tarp. This will protect your home from additional leaks if it rains again before repairs can be completed. Then work on minimizing the water damage by wiping up puddles and drying out any soaked items.

3. Check Your Insurance Coverage

It's always a good idea to review what your homeowner’s insurance covers before making a claim. While most policies will cover storm damage and mitigate the cost of repairs, leaks resulting from normal wear and tear will usually be your responsibility. If you do decide to make a claim, take pictures of the leak and any damaged areas or belongings in your home. 


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