Part of being a responsible new pet owner is making sure the dog you adopt is safe in your home. There are also a few steps you can take to prevent your new pet from damaging your furniture and floors. From carpet cleaning to pet-proofing, here are a few preparations all new dog owners should make. 

How to Get Your Home Dog-Ready

1. Hide Toxins & Dangerous Chemicals

Household cleaners in the bathroom and kitchen can make a dog very ill if ingested. That’s why all possibly dangerous items should be stored out of reach of your dog. If you have plants in the home, remove them or consult with your vet about what types are safe. Species like palm, aloe vera, and amaryllis are all highly toxic to canines. 

2. Establish a Carpet Care Plan

If you’re concerned about stains, scotch-guard your carpet before your new dog arrives to repel them. Once the dog arrives, vacuuming is usually needed every few days to manage dander and keep your home smelling fresh. Consider scheduling carpet cleaning on a regular basis to combat pet-related wear and clean up after accidents. 

3. Secure Your Backyard

carpet cleaningYour dog will likely spend quite a bit of time in the backyard. Fences should be intact and able to keep your pet on your property. Locking gates are also recommended, as your pet may be able to undo simple latches. Also, make sure lawn care tools and chemicals are inaccessible to your pet. 

4. Create a Pet-Friendly Area

A pet play area ensures your dog has a space of its own inside. Place dog beds and toys in this area, which should be free of furniture and other items that may be damaged by your dog while at play. Creating a dedicated area for your dog can also make for easier cleanup, as pet messes will more likely be confined to this area.


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