Leaks in your home can sometimes go undetected. This gives them more time to cause problems, and you may have to hire professionals for water damage restoration once the leak is discovered. There are a few signs that indicate a hidden leak, however. Keeping an eye out for these signals will prompt you to call a professional before the problem gets out of hand.

Water Damage Signs to Look Out For

1. Mold & Mildew

Mildew appearing in places where water typically accumulates, such as the corner of your shower, doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem. It’s much more suspicious when mildew or mold grows on walls and corners that are outside of the shower or bath. Mold forms in damp, dark places, and a leaking pipe in your wall or floor creates ideals conditions.

2. Damaged Walls 

water damage restorationWater damage affects paint or wallpaper, and it can also be apparent on the wall itself. A leak can cause wallpaper and paint to warp and peel. Moisture can get between the wall and the paint or wallpaper, causing wallpaper to lose its stickiness and paint to bubble.

When the actual drywall becomes too moist, the material begins to soften. This can result in the wall breaking into chunks. As part of the water damage restoration process, the old drywall may have to removed and replaced.

3. Damaged Flooring

If your floor is starting to stain or develop cracks, there may be a leak in the pipe underneath it. If you have a tiled floor, the adhesive the tiles use may weaken due to the moisture. Because of this, tiles could loosen or be removed entirely.

If a tile comes off, you may be able to see the water underneath. There is also a chance that the subfloor, or the bottom-most layer of your floor, is damp and fragile. Other flooring options may feel slightly spongy under your feet.


If you suspect your home may have a hidden leak and needs water damage restoration, contact Superior Carpet Care & Restoration in Texarkana, TX. Along with water damage restoration, they offer mold remediation as well as tile, grout, and carpet cleaning. You’ll always be provided a free estimate before the project begins so you can approve of their fair and affordable pricing. For more information on their services, visit them online or give them a call at (903) 319-7854.