There are many factors that affect the condition of your carpets, from your lifestyle to foot traffic. In fact, seasonal changes can also have a surprising impact on carpeting. Carpet cleaning can help, but it’s important to recognize some common problems so that you can take preventive steps as well.

How Does Summer Weather Affect Carpeting?

1. Higher Risk of Staining

Kids and pets tracking in debris from outside, including dirt, mud, and grass, makes carpets particularly susceptible to stains in the summer. Grass and mud can leave lingering marks that are difficult to remove once they’ve settled into the carpet’s fibers.

Cold beverages and ice cream are also common causes of stains, as they drip easily. Vacuuming can only do so much in these cases. Carpet cleaning and stain removal will be necessary once the stains have set.

2. Harsh Odors

carpet cleaningOdors tend to become more pronounced when humidity levels rise. Heat and moisture create a hospitable environment for bacteria and mold, which contribute to strong carpet smells. You may especially notice this if you have a pet.

Carpet fibers will retain smells from both organic materials and chemical sprays. Prioritize pet odor removal and avoid using products that mask the smell, as this may allow the underlying issue to get worse. Having the area professionally treated is a more effective tactic.

3. Allergen Buildup

Many people suffer from indoor allergies. Symptoms may become worse when it warms up outside, largely because of the presence of pollen in the air. Carpets can also trigger problems as allergens accumulate in the fibers.

Common allergens include mold spores, which are more likely to thrive in warm environments, along with dust mites and bacteria. Scheduling regular carpet cleaning can help minimize the seasonal discomfort that many people feel in their homes.


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