When moisture gets in, mold spores have the perfect environment in which to thrive, and mold remediation is needed to clean up the area. Unfortunately, exposure to mold can make you sick, with common symptoms including respiratory issues, allergies, itchy skin, and headaches. There are other signs of a problem that are less known. Below are several surprising symptoms to watch for.

What Are Lesser-Known Mold Exposure Symptoms?

1. Joint Soreness & Stiffness

Mold contains mycotoxin spores that can filter into your lungs and bloodstream. This infection can affect joint mobility, leaving you sore and stiff. The longer you go without treatment, the worse the problem will become. After mold remediation has removed the infestation, most individuals will recover.

2. Mood Shifts

Spores and mycotoxin exposure can affect the brain’s reaction to situations, leading to severe mood swings. One minute you may feel happy and the next, depressed. This phenomenon is linked to how the spores interact with neural function. Neurotransmitters, which are necessary for mood stability, are disrupted, and chemicals that lead to good feelings, like dopamine, are reduced.

3. Digestive Stress

mold remediationSince mold can interfere with immunity, the digestive tract can be affected, particularly as it attempts to remove toxins and waste from the body. People who have been exposed to mold may see symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea, but in severe cases, there may be intestinal bleeding. Infections in this area can spread to other places in the body, such as the liver.

4. Thirst

If nothing quenches your thirst, toxic mold may have affected you. Much like other symptoms, once spores invade, they disrupt chemical balances, which accounts for the constant need for water. You may also see an uptick in how often you visit the bathroom. While hydration and urination are vital, too much of both means you are sending electrolytes and nutrients away before they can be absorbed in your body.  


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