The carpeting in offices and commercial buildings has to endure much more wear and tear than home carpets due to dirt tracked in by employees and visitors. Apart from regular carpet cleaning, there are several steps you can take to protect your carpet from damage and keep your offices comfortable for employees and attractive to customers. Have a look at the list below to find out more.

How to Help Your Office Carpets Last Longer

1. Protect Your Carpet in High Traffic Areas

Areas that see high footfall, such as entrances to meeting rooms or building entryways, typically absorb much more dirt than other areas. Dust and debris leave your carpets with a dull, drab appearance. 

However, the particles will also irritate the carpet fibers and break them down quickly under constant foot traffic. Protect entryways with sturdy mats to allow guests and employees a place to wipe their feet. Lay down plastic floor coverings in office areas to protect carpets from furniture wear.

2. Clean Spills and Stains Immediately

carpet cleaningNo matter how careful your employees are, spills are inevitable. Once food or drink has fallen on your carpets, they can quickly cause permanent stains. Clean up spills immediately by blotting with dry paper towels for wet spills or vacuuming for dry spills.

Fallen food scraps attract insects and encourage mold growth. Make sure to carefully remove any food scraps from the carpet fibers. Spray the affected area with a safe carpet cleaning agent. You may require assistance from a carpet cleaning professional if the stain persists.

3. Clean Carpets Regularly

Carpets see a lot of dirt and dust in a year. While daily vacuuming and spot cleaning can help keep stains and odors at bay, an annual or twice-annual deep carpet cleaning is necessary to keep your carpets vibrant.

Busy areas may require even more frequent deep cleaning. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for your carpet and schedule the necessary cleaning accordingly.


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