The lawn mower is perhaps the most common type of household outdoor equipment. Unfortunately, because of its whirling blades and potential to fling up rocks or debris, it can—if not operated properly—be dangerous. Below are some guidelines to help you avoid problems and use the machine safely.


Turn the motor off when working on it.

You might hear an unusual noise or experience some sort of problem while mowing your lawn. If this happens, always shut off the motor before investigating. Never tip the body on its side while the blades are spinning, and never put your hand near the cutting deck until you have killed the engine and all movement has stopped. 

Protect your feet and hearing.

Wear tennis shoes or another form of footwear that protects your feet and toes. Sandals and flip-flops do not offer enough protection from the blades or flying debris. Also, wear ear protection to avoid hearing loss due to the lawn mower's sustained high volume.


Pull the mower toward you.

lawn mower

Push the mower away from you, and do not pull it backward. This minimizes the possibility that you could trip, fall, and pull the lawn mower on top of you. It also provides a more consistent cutting pattern.

Mow on gravel.

If you have a gravel driveway that occasionally sprouts weeds, you may be tempted to trim them with the mower. Don't do this, because it increases the chances that the device will kick up stones. These flying missiles could injure you or someone else and break a window or cause other property damage. Instead, trim the weeds growing through gravel by hand or with a hand scythe. 


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