Used properly, a tractor is a tremendous help on a farm for everything from plowing to lifting machinery. But anytime you’re operating a large machine, you should take every possible safety precaution. The following guide will help you operate your tractor safely and effectively. 

Top 4 Tractor Safety Tips

1. Create a Maintenance Routine

The safest operators develop daily routines that allow them to check on the condition of their tractors before riding. With the help of your owner’s manual, assess the fluid levels and tire pressure, and scan below the vehicle for any sign of leaks. This will ensure that your vehicle won’t abruptly malfunction when you’re in the field. 

2. Scout the Area

tractorNever take for granted that you have lots of room to operate. Before starting the engine, make a practice of scanning in all directions so you don’t unknowingly drive close to a bystander. Knowing the position of anyone nearby will also allow you to maneuver in a safer manner and avoid surprises. 

3. Use Grapple Forks

If too much material is scooped up by the front-end loader, it could topple backward and land on the driver. To avoid a hazardous scenario, it’s wise to invest in a grapple fork, which will help keep the material in place. 

4. Mind Your Entrances & Exits

It’s worth being especially careful as you board your tractor and when you get off. It’s easy to trip over the step and suffer a dangerous fall or hit your head. Diligent drivers will give a quick glance to make sure they don’t have any untied shoes or an overly long pant leg. 


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