A reliable building material combines several qualities to ensure a structurally-sound finished product. This is certainly the case with a structural steel beam, which is a mainstay of residential and commercial construction. If you're currently planning a project and are in the material selection phase of development, here are a few good reasons to choose this option.

3 Reasons to Use Steel Beams in Your Next Building Project

1. Durability

Steel is stronger than it is dense, and this quality allows it to support heavy loads. The material also offers impressive tensile strength, making it less likely to wear down rapidly when it experiences pressure. 

Many contractors rely on steel because it resists moisture damage, so there's a lower chance of rust and corrosion affecting its stability. Additionally, unlike wood, it won't warp, rot, or be penetrated by pests like termites. This high level of durability also means that the material requires little to no maintenance. 

2. Flexibility

structural steel beams

Despite how rugged and dependable steel is, it's also quite flexible. Once the material gets melted down, it can be formed into numerous shapes and configurations to suit the specific project. 

After the material hardens, it provides the strength and stability you demand, which is crucial for a safe finished structure. 

3. Easier Assembly

Structural steel beams are prefabricated off-site and shipped directly to the location of the construction project. Large ones can be broken down for easier transportation and efficiently reassembled once they arrive at the work site.

Beams can be welded or bolted together and even altered if that's more suitable for the application. Because they offer streamlined assembly, they ensure an efficient construction process.


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