Experienced movers handle belongings carefully to help you avoid damage. It’s also important to use the right supplies when packing to keep items intact during transit. The guide below provides an overview of the products to use to safeguard your possessions.

What Materials Should You Use When Packing?

1. Boxes

If you choose cardboard boxes, pick ones with reinforced corners and side panels to ensure they hold their shape and support the weight of your items. These are available at office supply stores.

Use plastic containers for heavy objects, such as books and dinnerware. Under-fill large bins to ensure they’re still light enough to move around when you unpack. 

2. Wrapping

moverWrap fragile items, such as glasses, vases, and mirrors, in bubble wrap to protect them from scratches. Use packing sheets, such as tissue or acid-free paper, to create barriers between stacked plates and fine china. Avoid newspaper, which can transfer ink to your belongings. Fill any empty spaces in each box with packing peanuts so that items don’t shift in transit.

3. Tape

Use shipping tape to seal cardboard boxes tightly. Add strapping tape along the bottom flaps and edges of the heaviest boxes to prevent seams from breaking open.

If you use plastic containers without latching covers, add a couple strips of duct tape to secure the lids.

4. Labels

Use permanent markers to label cardboard boxes with their contents—such as “dishware”—or the rooms they belong in—such as “kitchen.” Write on the top and at least two sides of each container so that the markings are visible when boxes are stacked.

If you choose plastic containers, buy sticky labels for this purpose. Write with waterproof pens so the ink doesn’t smudge in case of rain.


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