Cats are creatures of habit, so they generally don’t like moving. If you’re relocating to a new property, you can make the transition easier on them by taking a few steps before the moving day. Follow these tips to keep your cat as comfortable as possible.

What to Do When Moving With a Cat

1. Get Them Used to Their Carrier

Many cats dislike their carriers, mostly because they associate them with the stress of going to the vet. Before you move, get them acquainted with their carrier, as they might be in it for long periods. 

A few weeks before the appointment, get the carrier out and put it in the living room with the door open. Let the cat explore and see if they enter the carrier on their own. If not, place their favorite toy inside or play with them near it. If that still doesn’t work, start feeding them near the carrier. Slowly move the food closer until they need to go inside to eat. These steps will help your furry friend realize that the bag is safe and doesn’t always mean an unpleasant trip.

2. Visit a Vet

movingYour cat’s veterinarian might have some tips to help you keep your cat at ease during the move.

For example, if your pet is often anxious, they can prescribe anti-anxiety medications or calming aids. They can also help you figure out how to get your cat comfortable with their carrier if the steps above weren’t sufficient.

3. Maintain a Routine

Change can stress your cat, so keep their routine as normal as possible before and after the relocation.

For example, feed them at the same time every day. If you usually play with them in the evenings or pet them while watching TV, find time to keep up with that. Maintaining those habits after the move will help your pet feel more comfortable in your new home.


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