Vinyl windows can remain fresh-looking and attractive for years with proper maintenance. If you have vinyl windows or are thinking about installing them throughout your home, there are some basic do's and don'ts for vinyl window care that you should keep in mind. 


Clean the glass regularly. 

Cleaning the window glass helps reduce moisture, which can give your windows a cloudy or dull appearance. Wipe the glass down frequently with glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. If you're out of glass spray, you can make your own natural streak-free cleaner with water and vinegar. 

Keep window tracks clean. 

Window tracks are prone to cling onto dirt, debris, and dust. As these materials build up, your windows may become hard to open and lose some of their efficiency due to blockages. You could also encounter issues with water if the windows aren't sealing properly due to dirty tracks. 

Avoid these issues by regularly cleaning the window tracks. If there's a significant amount of loose debris, vacuum the tracks first, and then wipe them down with a rag and soapy water. 


Verify that your household knows how to use the windows. 

Components of your windows may get worn down or damaged because people aren't using them properly. After your windows are installed, make sure you know how to operate them so that you're not forcing or bending them in any way. Once you've learned, teach the rest of your household. 


Use abrasive cleaners. 

You may be tempted to use abrasive cleaners if you find that gentle methods aren't doing the trick. However, abrasive items like scratchy cloths, steel wool, or razor blades can scratch your windows and do more harm than good. If you're dealing with a stubborn sticky spot or residue that won't come off, try to identify the substance and look for a specialized cleaning product to remove it. 

Neglect your window frames.

Vinyl window frames need to be cleaned regularly so that they don't become dusty or discolored. For this task, avoid chemical-based cleaners-instead, use soapy water to wipe down the frames, and clean off the soap with fresh water. 

Forget your exterior frames. 

While your exterior frames don't need to be cleaned as frequently as interior ones, it's important to wipe them down several times a year. Like interior frames, you should use a gentle cloth and soapy water to wipe them down. Rinse the soap off once you're done so that you don't leave behind any residue. 


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