Almost nothing beats a made-to-order deli sandwich. While you can buy the same meats and vegetables and attempt to replicate it at home, the results are hardly ever the same. Wondering what the secret is to such amazing sandwiches? It’s all about the quality of the ingredients.

Consider the following reasons why a deli sandwich is the best choice for your next meal:

  • deli sandwichFresh Bread: Deli bread is always fresh because it’s usually baked every morning. These eateries also have a wide selection to choose from, whether you prefer simple wheat and white, or you enjoy baguettes, ciabattas, or a classic Italian hero. 
  • The Meat: Many types of Italian deli meat look the same, but each is cooked and cut differently. For example, capicola is lightly seasoned with wine, garlic, and herbs and spices, then cured for around six months to give it a salty, slightly sweet flavor. Proscuitto is salted pork belly, cured for around nine to 18 months, then sliced extremely thin and served raw. And mortadella is a smooth, savory sausage that is flavored with peppercorns, pistachios, and olives, and is cured and sliced paper-thin for deli sandwiches. 
  • Fresh Vegetables: When it comes to vegetables, no one likes wilted lettuce or soggy tomatoes on their sandwich. At a deli, the peppers, onions, and other sandwich toppings are as fresh as the bread. 


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