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About T Alan Lyle DDS PC

Family Dental Care

Finding a dentist who puts the patient first is essential. At T Alan Lyle DDS PC — a family dentist in Hinesville, GA — you can expect focused treatment every step of the way. With a high level of expertise and compassionate care, the dental office is trusted by patients to not only restore smiles but also provide a comfortable experience.

As a family dentist, T Alan Lyle DDS PC treats patients of all ages. Whether you’re bringing young children for their first dental appointment or you are in search of quality dentures, they are committed to delivering the best solutions for every stage of life.

With advanced dental X-rays, the team provides complete diagnostics to get a full picture of your dental health. From there, they determine the best treatment plan to ensure you can smile with confidence. Through their suite of restorative services, the office provides dental crowns, fillings, and dental bridges to restore your teeth. They are also well-equipped to handle all periodontal needs to repair gum health and reduce the risk of disease.

In addition to reparative services, T Alan Lyle DDS PC places a high value on preventive dentistry to reduce your oral health risks and avoid the need for future treatment. When you schedule your routine teeth cleaning every six months, the dentists will arm you with knowledge on how to care for your teeth at home to make sure they always look their best.

T Alan Lyle DDS PC welcomes new patients and accepts most forms of insurance. To schedule your first appointment or request emergency dental care in Hinesville, GA, call this friendly team at (912) 876-9331. Visit their website to learn more about their services.



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