One of your car's most important safety features is its brakes. It's essential to maintain your vehicle's brakes as they begin to wear over time. If you're uncertain when to schedule brake repair with a skilled mechanic, consider these warning signs. 

Signs It's Time for Brake Repair

1. Brake Light Is On

brake repair

An obvious indicator that your car requires brake repair is when the brake light lights up on the dashboard. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the light could be yellow or red. When the light comes on, it's best to take the car to an auto repair shop for an inspection because the vehicle's computer system is indicating a problem.

2. Steering Wheel Vibrates

A vibrating steering wheel is another cause for concern, especially if the issue occurs when you apply the brakes. A shaky steering wheel might be due to an uneven rotor, which is a metal disc inside the wheels that helps slow the vehicle down as the brake pads squeeze their surface. These rotors should have an even thickness for a smooth stop, but uneven wear from corrosion can produce vibrations in the steering wheel. 

3. Pedal Feels Soft

When you press on the brake pedal, you should feel some resistance. However, if the car is leaking brake fluid, you'll notice a difference when you hit the brakes. The pedal will feel soft or spongy, and it will sink to the mat with ease when you press it. Ideally, pedals in cars with power braking systems should stop no more than 1.5 inches from the floor, and manual systems should stop three inches from the floor. If the pedal hits the mat, you'll need an immediate brake repair service.

4. Car Makes Grinding Noise

Sometimes your car will emit questionable noises after the brakes have been worn out. For instance, hearing a grinding noise when you apply pressure to the brake pedal could indicate faulty brake pads, creating metal-on-metal friction with the rotor. The sound could also occur due to a lack of lubrication on the rear drum brakes or something as simple as gravel in the caliper unit. 


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