A jewelry store often has thousands of dollars in merchandise on hand, which makes it a target for some of the most experienced, determined criminals. A well-designed, state-of-the-art security and access control system can be one of the most important investments jewelry stores can make, preventing break-ins and helping recover your assets if a crime does occur. Here are a few security features every jewelry store should have.

4 Security Features Jewelry Stores Need

1. Access Control System

An access control system uses keycards or punch codes to limit access to certain areas of the facility, which can help prevent theft. Even if a criminal picks the lock or obtains a key, an access control system will keep them out of the secure areas where the most valuable items are stored.

2. Security Cameras

access controlToday’s security cameras provide extremely high-resolution video that can be digitally stored and transmitted wirelessly to any location. In many instances, the presence of video cameras can be a powerful deterrent against the most determined thieves.

3. An On-Site Safe

A well-designed, professionally installed safe provides an additional layer of security for your most expensive pieces of merchandise. At the end of the day, locking these assets in a safe will limit your losses if someone does manage to bypass your other security measures.

4. Burglar Alarms

Modern technology makes sophisticated burglar alarms accessible to even the smallest independent jewelry store. An alarm system might include thermal heat readers or motion detectors, as well as sensors at every door and window. If intruders are detected, the system can automatically notify the alarm company, who will contact law enforcement for you.


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