Whether the child is interested in learning a solo sport or wants to join a team, there are many ways that it can help them grow in different areas of their lives. That’s particularly true for little ones in child care centers who are busily learning all that there is to know about communication and teamwork. Here are three benefits of participating in sports.

Why Should Kids Take Part in Sports?

1. Build Social Skills

Even learning a solo sport like tennis or gymnastics doesn’t exclude a child from gaining social advantages. Sports expose children to other people, from fellow students to coaches to parents of teammates. It creates an environment that fosters a sense of camaraderie.

Kids learn to work well together, exchange ideas, take advice, and listen. Positive communication breeds strong bonds that can carry over into other areas of their lives, from child care programs to classes they share together in the future.

2. Develop Confidence

Croton-on-Hudson, NY child careThe more skills that children learn, the better they’ll feel about themselves. Learning how to swing a bat or throw a ball can be thrilling for kids who may not have realized what they were capable of achieving. The self-confidence that they develop on the court or in the field goes with them everywhere.  

3. Learn Positive Habits

By instilling in them the virtues of regular physical activity at a young age, you’re setting children up for a lifetime of excellent habits that benefit their health and keep them curious, strong, and active for years to come. Little ones in child care programs and older kids can both benefit, as they’ll find more reason to go outside, spend time with their friends, and work up a good sweat instead of sitting with a tablet or watching television for extended periods. The key is to establish a healthy balance, and learning a sport will help them understand what they can accomplish if they stay active.


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