From preschool songs to holiday tunes, many cultures and communities incorporate music into early education. As such, music is also a vital part of a child’s development. Learn more about why it is often used in early childhood learning programs with this helpful guide.

What Benefits Does Music Have for Children?

1. Mood Regulator

Music elicits a variety of emotions. Lullabies can soothe an upset child and upbeat tunes can excite and lift spirits. Using music as cues for different activities can also help regulate behavior. For example, calming songs can be used to indicate that it is quiet or nap time.

2. Sensory Development

Music and sensory development are linked. Children learn to distinguish between tones, and even begin to connect feelings and movements to these changes, which helps with talking, singing, and even moving.

3. Reading & Math Skills

preschoolMusic introduces children to different types of sounds, and when words are associated with those tunes like in songs and rhymes, kids learn speech patterns more easily.

Pattern recognition is also helpful in learning sequences, which can extend to basic math skills like counting. Hearing the space between notes may also help with understanding spatial relations.

4. Gross Motor Building

Children will naturally want to move to the music they hear. Dancing, jumping, bouncing, kicking, and more helps them practice and develop gross motor skills. They also improve their coordination as they connect their bodies to the sound, learning to move arms, legs, and other body parts at the same time.

5. Cognitive Development

Scientists have long studied how music opens new pathways in the brain, which helps build on a variety of skills. Music helps with memory and recall, which is why many educators use songs and rhymes to teach skills like the alphabet, days of the week, and even science and math concepts. This cognitive connection continues even as preschool children grow into adulthood.


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