At A Rising Star Children's Center, we’re keeping our doors open to families who need our child care program during this time. We hope to see everyone return soon. In the meantime, we’re also offering several online programs via Zoom®.

Online Programs

Morning Zoom Lesson

We’ll stream a lesson every day at 9:30 am. Parents can pick up material packages for the lessons each week. This month we are learning about Bugs and Crawly things – just in time for spring!

Zoom Story Time

For children who take part in the Story Time program, we’ll still have it every day at 12:45 pm on Zoom. Each day before rest time we read books and talk about our morning with our friends from home through Zoom. The kids love it! Ms. Kimmie is a great story teller too.

Zoom Music Class

Ms. Nancy from 123Sing will teach Zoom music classes every Friday at 10:30. We dance, sing and play music. Our friends from home find instruments in the kitchen to play along.  It is so much fun and provides consistency and stability for the children while they are away from our program.

School Aged Kids – Homework help and more

A Rising Star is offering homework help and socialization for school aged kids in the program.  During this time when schools are closed, kids can come in for half day or whole day, get help with homework and have some outdoor play time in one of the 4 playgrounds on the property.  This will allow parents who are working from home time to get their work done while not worrying about their kids. We also provide a safe place for kids to go during the summer.  Read about our summer program at A Rising Star. 

Managing the Changes

How Changes Affect Children

Child CareOur lives have changed during the COVID-19 crisis as we all are learning new practices and routines to stay safe. This might be a challenging time for children, especially if they aren’t used to being home all day.

If you choose to keep your child home, maintaining a consistent schedule and structuring a child's day will help them to feel comfortable and secure. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests you talk to your child about new routines. Let them create a schedule to post and refer to throughout the day.

Keep it Consistent 

Children in school or child care are used to having everything in its place. Decide where you and your children will work, and if you can, make special areas for work and play. Here’s some advice on how to create a daily routine that works for everyone:

  • Stick to your regular wake-up times, get dressed, and have breakfast as usual.
  • Younger children do well working or learning for 20 minutes and then having 10 minutes of physical activity. Older children can focus longer with breaks between subjects to stretch and move around.
  • Have set times for lunch and snacks throughout the day.
  • Discuss the day during family dinner.
  • Find fun family activities for evenings. Some ideas include playing games, reading, watching movies, and exercising.
  • Make sure everyone gets enough sleep by keeping to your regular bedtimes.


Everyone at A Rising Star Children's Center in Croton-On-Hudson, NY, is here to help you get through this challenging time. Call us at (914) 862-4283 and visit our website for updates about our child care programs. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!