Preschool programs need more than classroom education to be a success. Your children are filled with energy, and they need appropriate outlets for it. Playgrounds don’t just give children a healthy release for their energy—they also provide a wide range of developmental benefits. Here’s a closer look at why preschoolers need playgrounds.

Why Kids Need Playgrounds in Their Preschool Programs

1. Enhance Physical Development

Outdoor play isn’t just fun. Running around and playing on playground equipment strengthens the muscles, as well as heart and lung function.

Playground equipment is especially helpful for improving flexibility, balance, and fine motor skills. This helps children develop confidence in their physical abilities while reducing the risk of issues like early childhood obesity.

2. Learn Through Play

preschool programsStudies have found that active play stimulates brain function and development. This is because playing often involves patterned activities (such as following rules during a game of tag or navigating a route across the monkey bars) that help the brain form connections that are later used in classroom settings.

Children also learn as they explore and engage with their surroundings. This cognitive stimulation allows the brain to make faster connections when learning academic skills, which is why many kids who play more when they’re young even perform better on tests.

3. Grow Emotionally & Socially

The playground is where kids enjoy a lot of social interaction, as well as deal with manageable obstacles. Kids learn valuable social norms as they interact with other children their age.

They learn to overcome potential anxiety over using certain types of playground equipment. These interactions help develop confidence and self-esteem, which can make it easier for children to form new friendships in a classroom setting. 


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