COVID-19 has created a new reality for many parents. Staying home for the majority of the time can make it difficult for children to get enough exercise and stay active during the day. Whether you create an exercise routine at home or lean on the assistance of child care services, here’s what you should know about keeping your child active during this time. 

Why Exercise is Important During the Pandemic

Exercise is important during any time, but while children are stuck inside most days, it’s particularly important to make sure they get the recommended amount of physical activity. Preschoolers should be physically active throughout the day to promote growth and development.

The right amount of activity can improve sleep, school performance, and behavior. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular health problems and other diseases later in life. Exercise can also destress children, particularly those who get anxious easily or have difficulty concentrating. 

How to Give Your Child Enough Exercise

child careEnsuring your child is receiving enough exercise during COVID-19 can seem like a daunting task, but it’s easy to do when activities are broken up throughout the day. If you’re schooling from home, taking short, active breaks between classes can make the physical activity fun and exciting. This will make your child more likely to participate, and it will help them focus on lessons later by burning pent-up energy from sitting for long periods. 

Some examples of exercise activities for young children include family walks around the neighborhood, exercise-oriented video games, online workout classes that are appropriate for children, and free play in the yard or inside the house. Your child will be more willing to participate if you join along with them. 

If you work during the day or struggle to provide enough exercise, consider enrolling your child in a child care program. This will allow them to socialize with other children their age and get plenty of physical activity led by a child care professional. 


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