Sharing is an essential skill that children need for both play and early childhood learning. Developing this habit can be challenging for toddlers, who may be new to socializing with kids their age. To help set your child up for success, here are a few practical tips for teaching them to share.

How to Teach Your Toddler to Share

1. Model Generosity

One of the most effective methods for early childhood learning is to model the behavior you're teaching. Children naturally emulate the behavior of their parents, so by demonstrating generosity yourself, you're also teaching them to share.

Try looking for teachable moments. For instance, if you share a snack with your child or make room for them on the couch, make sure they understand that you’re sharing and help them identify how it makes them feel.

2. Make It a Game

early childhood learningWhen you turn sharing into a game, it not only teaches your toddler to share, but also to enjoy the act of giving. Try giving them a bag of crackers, a handful of candies, or a few small toys, then ask them to share their treat with everyone in the room.

Gently instruct them to give one cookie to each person. When they see how happy their generosity makes others, it can encourage them to share more often. 

3. Offer Praise

Children love recognition for positive behavior. Any time you see them sharing willingly, acknowledge their generosity with praise and attention.

Provide encouraging compliments and also praise those around them to help them identify sharing in others. By doing so, you help them identify the behavior on their own and inspire them to emulate it.


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