For thousands of years, yoga has provided countless practitioners with a comprehensive workout for the mind, body, and spirit. But while the popular image of a typical yogi is usually an adult, this ancient exercise offers toddlers and older children some powerful benefits that can support their physical, mental, and spiritual growth and learning. Here are a few advantages of yoga for your child.

How Yoga Helps Children

1. Improves Physical Fitness

Yoga is a rigorous but low impact form of exercise. Most schools of yoga focus on increasing physical fitness through gentle movement and sustained postures that stretch, strengthen, and tone the body.

Children, especially, benefit from this approach to fitness. Studies have shown that both their aerobic capabilities and balance improve with regular yoga practice.

2. Enhances Mindfulness

learningToday, many children have a full schedule of learning and schooling, extracurricular activities, hobbies, and playdates, not to mention electronic devices that can consume a lot of time, focus, and energy. Yoga is a mindfulness practice, which helps kids quiet their minds amid the stresses and schedules of their busy lives.

Even if your toddler's schedule is relatively relaxed now, yoga offers lifelong skills. Starting early can help them adapt to changes as they grow. Even learning simple yogic breathing—slow, mindful inhalations and exhalations—can help children deal with their emotions, thoughts, and energy levels.

3. Develops Social Relationships

Yoga emphasizes the self and one's relationship to the self, but that doesn't mean it’s a selfish practice. In fact, it’s all about harmony both within oneself and in one's relationship to the outside world.

Most yoga classes are group events, and working in groups is always beneficial for children. It fosters communication and connection, promotes encouragement and feedback, and ensures children feel supported as they tackle challenges.


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