Your gutter system does the crucial job of redirecting precipitation away from your moisture-sensitive roof shingles. It also keeps rain away from your foundation, helping to prevent dangerous erosion. If yours has started to sag, it requires immediate addressing—and possibly, replacement. The guide below looks at common causes for this issue. 

Why Do Gutters Sag?

1. Lack of Support 

Gutters are held in place with hangers that connect to the fascia on your home. If some of yours are missing or if they are spaced too far apart, your gutters may start to sag. A professional can correct this issue by installing additional hangers. 

2. Clogs

guttersGutters will acquire organic material—such as leaves and twigs—over time. Not only does this add weight to the system, but it can also cause water to linger in these channels. This is especially problematic in winter when it can quickly turn into dense ice. Once the gutters have started to bend under this force, replacement gutters will be necessary to ensure proper drainage. To avoid this problem in the future, inspect your system at least once a season to look for organic debris. Most of this material can be mucked out with gloved hands or a trowel. Then, rinse the system with a hose. 

3. Improper Sizing 

It’s common to see five-inch rain gutters on homes, but these won’t be adequate for all properties. For example, houses with steeply-sloped roofs may need larger channels to accommodate heavy rainfall since water travels quickly down steep surfaces. Additionally, your downspouts need to be big enough to capture this running water. If your gutters are improperly sized, talk to a contractor about replacing them or even upgrading.

Seamless gutters don’t come in sections like traditional systems. By having fewer joints, they are less prone to clogs and leaks, meaning they have a longer life span.


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