The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many businesses to shut down their offices and reduce operational capacity. Social distancing policies and work-from-home arrangements helped slow down the spread of the virus; however, there’s an increasing call for easing restrictions and returning to normalcy. If you’re reopening the office, implementing a thorough safety plan and investing in commercial window cleaning will maximize your team’s safety.

4 Tips for Returning to the Workplace 

1. Implement Safety Rules

An office return plan should contain safety protocols for those returning to the site and adhere to federal, state, and local government regulations. For instance, social distancing among returning employees should remain a priority, but it may be impossible in certain areas where bottlenecks are unavoidable.

You could require employees to wear masks and face shields in such areas. Put up reminders throughout the office about proper protocol. Also, stock up on supplies like hand sanitizers, face coverings, and soap for the staff.

2. Have Protocols for Early Detection

Some companies encourage daily health checks to monitor possible COVID-19 cases. You can also promote testing and screening before allowing employees to come back to the workplace.

commercial window cleaningFactor in community risk; returning employees may be repeatedly exposed to the coronavirus, especially in areas with many positive cases. If a returning employee tests positive, there must be a protocol for efficient contact tracing of exposed colleagues, closing off the previously occupied area, and disinfecting after 24 hours.

3. Reconfigure Office Layout

To encourage social distancing, install physical barriers in the office, such as acrylic panels between desks and waiting areas. Where possible, ensure that workspaces are at least six feet apart.

Eliminate furniture in places where people can gather, stagger mealtimes, and designate additional break rooms to reduce worker density. Also, put floor markings in open areas where each person should stand.  

4. Clean the Office

Before your employees return to the office, clean and disinfect the space thoroughly. Both the interior and exterior should be cleaned to minimize exposure to the virus.

Removing dirt and grime that accumulated while your staff was away can promote the overall health of the team. After reopening, keep up with routine cleaning, especially for frequently occupied areas. 


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