Now valued at $27.6 billion, the craft beer category is one of the fastest growing in the beverage industry. This type of beer is varied, but it’s always made by small breweries. The guide below provides some information about this type of brew and why you should give it a try.

What Are Craft Breweries?

To qualify as a craft brewery, an operation needs to be small, producing up to six million barrels per year. The establishment also has to be independent, meaning that no large-scale wine or beer manufacturer can own or control more than 25% of the brewery.

There are currently over 8,000 craft breweries creating their own beers in the United States. Most have 30 or fewer staff members. They may also have seating areas where patrons can try their concoctions onsite.

How Are Craft Beers Unique?

craft beerYou can often identify a craft beer by its appearance and taste. Many mass-produced products are bright yellow, while craft beers come in a wide variety of shades that range from pale yellow to dark amber.

Craft beer has deep flavors that are never watered down, with taste profiles varying depending on the batch. No two products are the same, resulting in a wide variety of flavors. Wheat and barley are used often depending on what’s in season at the time. Craft breweries often choose more expensive ingredients, which often reflects on the taste of their products.


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