Espresso is a type of specialty coffee that contains the same ingredients but uses slightly different brewing methods to produce wonderfully distinct results. Most people are familiar with traditional drip coffee and how to make it, but fewer know that you can get a much stronger and more flavorful cup by changing the technique slightly. Espresso uses pressurized steam to extract coffee from the grounds, which will change your coffee in the following ways.

What Makes Espresso Unique?

specialty coffeeCompared to coffee, espresso is more concentrated with a bolder taste, cleaner flavor, and more caffeine per ounce. A well-pulled espresso will have a thin layer of crema at the top and a caramel-like aroma and color. The machine requires 8 to 10 bars of pressure, 15 to 25 grams of coffee, and about 20-25 seconds between the steam pump starting and the pull. The barista also has to be extremely precise when it comes to grinding the beans, measuring the dose, tamping the portafilter, and flushing the group head, meaning espresso demands skill and practice.

What Creates the Distinct Espresso Flavor?

Since espresso-making is an art as much as a science, there are many style variations and methodologies. However, the bitterness, acidity, and sweetness usually influence the taste profile. When you taste espresso, evaluate these characteristics to narrow down your preferences. Traditionally, most espresso is made with a dark roast and finely ground beans. If you prefer a lighter taste, try a variation of the drink, such as a latte, mocha, or cappuccino.


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