Because we have enjoyed the benefits of x-ray technology for more than 100 years, you may have never stopped to think about the history and uses of this technology. In honor of X-Ray Day, or World Radiography Day, on November 8, learn more about this momentous medical advancement and its applications by dentists all over the world today. Next time you visit your dentist’s office, you may think a little bit differently about the internal images he makes of your teeth and jawbones.

What You Need to Know About Dental X-Rays

The History of Dental X-Rays

dentist Bethel, OHThe German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen first discovered the x-ray in 1895. He discovered it by accident when he noticed that the fluorescent glow coming from crystals in his laboratory would pass through particular objects but not through others. Eventually, he found that the rays would be blocked by human bones and teeth but could pass through softer tissues. Within six months of Röntgen’s discovery, doctors and surgeons began using radiographs in medical procedures. Dentists weren’t far behind, and C. Edmund Kells took the first dental x-ray of a living person in 1896. By the 1950s, x-rays became a routine part of any dental exam.

Why X-Rays Are an Important Part of Dental Appointments

Before the discovery of x-rays, doctors and dentists either had to perform invasive surgery or speculate about what was going on beneath the skin. X-rays allow a non-invasive way to see interior bones, teeth, and the surrounding soft tissue to help diagnose diseases. Dental radiography allows your dentist to see issues hidden in your jawbones, tooth decay between teeth and under fillings, gum disease and infections, and even certain types of tumors. They can also help dentists identify damage caused by facial injuries and monitor your child’s tooth development.


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